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Skylight Installation Company in Mid-Hudson Valley: RED-FLAGS to Watch Out For

August 14, 2023

4 minutes read

Your choice of a skylight installation company can make a significant difference in the final results.

Skylights can be a fantastic addition to your home, bringing in natural light and creating a sense of openness. 

However, the success of your skylight installation largely depends on the company you choose to work with. 

In the Mid-Hudson Valley area, where there are numerous options available, it’s crucial to be cautious and aware of potential red flags when selecting a company. 

Here are some key indicators that might signal a less-than-reputable company, which you should definitely look out for.

1. Lack of Proper Licensing and Insurance

A reputable skylight installation company should possess the necessary licenses to operate in the Mid-Hudson Valley area. 

Proper licensing ensures that the company is compliant with local regulations and has met certain standards

Equally important is insurance coverage, including liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. 

These insurances protect both the company and you in case of accidents or damages during the installation process. 

ALWAYS ASK FOR PROOF of licensing and insurance before proceeding with any agreement.

2. Poor Reputation and Absence of Reviews

In today’s digital age, researching a company’s reputation is easier than ever before. 

A lack of an online presence or a scarcity of reviews could be a warning sign. 

Reputable skylight installation companies usually have a website, a social media presence, and positive reviews from satisfied customers. 

Take the time to search for the company online, read reviews, and get a sense of its track record before making a decision.

3. High-Pressure Sales Tactics

Beware of skylight installation companies that use high-pressure sales tactics to rush you into making a decision. 

A trustworthy company will provide you with detailed information, answer your questions, and allow you the time to consider your options. 

If you feel pressured to make an immediate decision, it’s a red flag that the company might prioritize its own interests over yours.

4. Lack of Transparency and References

Reliable companies are usually transparent about their work and are willing to provide references from previous clients. 

References allow you to gain insights into the company’s work quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. 

If a company hesitates to provide references or is evasive when asked for more information, it’s a sign to proceed with caution.

5. Extremely Low Pricing

While affordability is a factor, excessively low pricing compared to other companies in the area should raise eyebrows. 

Quality materials, skilled labor, and proper equipment come with a cost, and a significantly lower price could indicate subpar work or the use of inferior materials. 

It’s better to invest in a reputable company that offers competitive pricing rather than compromising on quality to save a few dollars.

6. Lack of Written Contract and Warranty

A credible skylight installation company will provide you with a clear and detailed contract that outlines the scope of work, project timeline, materials to be used, and the overall cost. 

This contract should also include information about warranties for both the skylight and the installation work. 

If a company avoids providing a written contract or is vague about warranty details, it’s a sign that they might not stand behind their work.

7. Unrealistic Promises

Be cautious of companies that make grandiose promises or guarantees that seem too good to be true. 

Whether it’s an extremely short installation time or an unrealistically low price, such claims might indicate that the company is either inexperienced or not honest in its dealings.

All Seasons Roofing & Siding is the Best Skylight Installation Company in Mid-Hudson Valley!

Don’t take chances with unreliable companies that might cut corners or leave you with subpar results. Let All Seasons Roofing & Siding handle the job. We have a proven track record of excellence and a commitment to transparency, quality, and customer satisfaction. Our team also knows the best skylights for homes. Call now and let’s start with a FREE consultation!

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